Colossal Clashes

On this page you will find a statistical analysis of the major All ied victories, or operations in which the Allies inflicted significant casualties on the Axis.

Destruction of the Italian 10th Army, 1940-1941

During the British First Offensive in North Africa, the Italians lost 10 divisions or 130 000 troops taken prisoner (including two divisions mostly made up of Italian-unfriendly conscripted Libyans - 24 000 of them), around 400 tanks, and 1 290 artillery pieces.

East African Operation, 1940-41.

50 000 - 60 000 Italian troops captured. Also, ~300 000 native colonial troops (mostly Ethiopians) in the Italian service deserted, or went-over to the Allies.

Battle of Moscow, 1941.

Between 16 October and 16 December the German losses amounted to 55 000 killed and over 100 000 wounded/injured. The losses in equipment amounted to 777 tanks, as well as 297 cannons and mortars.

Battle of Midway, 1942.

Japanese Imperial Navy lost four aircraft carriers, one cruiser, 253 planes, and 3 500 personnel; also damaged were one cruiser, two destroyers, and a single transport ship.

Battle of Stalingrad, 1942-43.

1 500 000 Axis troops killed, wounded, or captured (includes Germans, Romanians, Italians, Hungarians, Croatians, and possibly even local quislings). Also, 3 500 tanks and assault guns, 3 000+ combat and transport planes, 12 000+ cannons and mortars, and ~75 000 motor vehicles, along with lots of other equipment, were either destroyed or captured.

Battle of Guadalcanal, 1942-1943.

The Japanese lost altogether 25 000 troops (15 000 killed in combat, 9 000 died of illnesses, and 1 000 captured) in addition to 1 150 planes with first-class aviation personnel. The naval assets they lost amounted to over 130 000 tons of displacement (not including small vessels), besides merchant ships with a tonnage of around 300 000 BRT.

Tunisian Operation, 1943.

~50 000 Germans, Italians, and Vichites killed. Also, ~260 000 Axis troops were captured (50% of them Italians).

Sicilian Operation, 1943.

~167 000 Axis troops were killed, wounded, or captured (37 000 of them Germans).

Battle of Kursk, 1943.

The German losses during Operation Zitadelle are unknown, although they were undoubtedly heavy on both sides. The total German losses in the East from all causes from July to October of 1943, were 911 000^.

Korsun Operation, 1944.

~55 000 Germans killed or wounded, and another ~18 000 captured.

Destruction of the Brody Pocket, 1944.

25 000 German troops killed, and 17 000 were captured^^.

Belarussian Operation (Operation Bagration), 1944.

The total casualties of the German Army Group "Center" were estimated at ~300 000 troops^^^.

Crimean Operation, 1944.

111 000 Germans and Romanians killed or captured.

Yassy-Kishyniev (Iasi-Cisiniau) Operation, 1944.

~256 000 Germans and Romanians killed or captured.

Belgrade Operation, 1944.

~100 000 German troops killed, wounded, or captured (probably includes local quislings, and even possibly some Croatian and Hungarian troops).

Slovak National Uprising, 1944.

~40 000 Axis troops killed or wounded (includes German, pro-Axis Slovak, and Hungarian troops). Also, lots of equipment destroyed.

Philippine Operations, 1944-45.

~192 000 Japanese troops killed, and 9 700 captured (both numbers might include native quislings).

Budapest Operation, 1944-45.

~180 000 German and Hungarian troops killed or captured.

East Prussian Operation, 1945.

~630 000 German troops killed or captured (probably this number includes members of the Wehrmacht, SS, Volkssturm, and the various police formations).

Balaton Operation, 1945.

~45 000 Axis troops (mostly Germans) killed, wounded, or captured. Also, ~500 tanks and armoured guns, 300 cannons and mortars, and ~250 planes, destroyed or captured.

Battle of Iwo-Jima, 1945.

22 000 Japanese defenders killed, around 250 captured, and some 40 tanks destroyed and/or captured.

Ruhr Pocket Reduction, 1945.

~325 000 German troops (including 30 generals) surrended with little resistance.

Lika-Littoral Operation, 1945.

~53 000 Axis troops killed, wounded, captured, or dispersed (includes Germans, Croatians, pro-Axis Italians, and local Cetnik and Slovene quislings).

Destruction of the Frankfurt-Gubin Grouping, 1945.

~200 000 German troops killed or captured. Also, 2 000+ cannons and mortars, and 200+ tanks were either destroyed or captured.

Battle of Berlin, 1945.

The precise number of German casualties in the Battle of Berlin is impossible to estimate with great accuracy. Just on the day of Berlin's surrender (2 May of 1945) the Soviets captured as many as 134 000 German troops (this number includes members of the Wehrmacht, SS, Volkssturm, and the various police formations).

Axis Surrender in Northern Italy, 1945.

As of 1.04.1945, there were 599 514* Axis troops stationed in Italy (160 180 of them were pro-Axis Italians**). This means that at the time of the surrender in early May the Allies must have captured ~600 000 Axis troops.

Prague Operation, 1945.

~850 000 German troops captured. The German Army Group "Center" did not officially capitulated until 11 May; nevertheless, some of that army's units continued resistance until 18 May. Soviet, Czechoslovak, and Polish troops participated in the operation.

Battle of Okinawa, 1945.

110 000 Japanese troops killed, 7 400 captured, 16 ships sunk and four (4) damaged, and 7 800 planes downed including 1 900 kamikazes.

Manchurian Operation, 1945.

~80 000# Japanese troops were killed and ~600 000 were captured by the Soviets (these numbers might include the various Japanese-sponsored native puppet troops - Manchukouans, Inner Mongolians, and troops of the Suejjuan province).


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