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GL - People's Guard / AL - People's Army / BCh - Peasant Battalions / AK - Army of the Land

LWP - Polish People's Military
Updated! [12 October, 2003]

PRL - Polish People's Commonwealth


WWII Losses by Country / Axis Forces in Poland

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History on the Net:

Collaboration and Collusion (Truth About UPA) - Excerpts from a book by Douglas Tottle.

First Day of WWII in Gdansk - An excerpt from a book by Andrzej & Maria Szypowscy.

Colossal Clashes - A statistical analysis of the major Allied victories, or operations in which the Allies inflicted significant losses on the Axis.

Rise of EU-NATO-UN Nazism

Germanic Origins of Ukrainians

Iranian Origins of Rusins and of the Name of Rus - Excerpts from, and notes on, the works of Prof. G. Vernadski, Prof. V.F. Miller, D. Dzanty, Prof. V.F. Minorski, Prof. B.A. Rybakov, and others.

Baltic Slavs in Belgrade and Serbia

Slavic Pirates on the Baltic

East Slavic Ruling Element Among the Early Hungarians - Excerpts from, and notes on, the works of Prof. C.A. Macartney, and Prof. G. Vernadski.

Slavs Among Norsemen in America and Iceland -

Western Slavic Domination of Northern Croats and Serbs



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