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Welcome to the site of Michal Warczakowski!

About me:

* I am single.
* I am from Poland.
* For some time I used to live in Germany, where I visited some places of considerable historical significance from the era of the Third Reich and the Cold War.
* I like learning Russian (why do you think this site is hosted in Russia, eh?).
* I'm pro-Semitic.
* I admire Those Who Fought for Their Freedom.
* I'm interested in History, Geography, and Anthropology.
* I like to stick to my own kind (in this case myself).
* I'm an endangered specie.
* I'm a Troll.
* I don't really have any friends. :-(

About my family background:

* I'm descended from King Odin of Ossetia.

Sample of my scholastic research:

If you want to view a sample of my scholastic research, please visit my article Slavs of Muslim Spain.

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